The Pin-Roll

It was the late eighties and hip hop was taking hold of the youth and ushering a new fashion where everything was extra large. The extra large clothing would soon become problematic as you didn’t want your brand new £100 plus Nike’s covered in denim stains and overshadowed by mass fabric. For a while young Londoners would tuck their jeans into their socks and then bam along came the pin-roll.

The pin-roll has seen a mass resurgence in recent seasons with certain brands such as Nudie creating well tapered denim that cuts in nicely above your trainers. This season

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G-Star Spring Summer 2011

When it comes to denim G-Star are renowned for their craftsmanship and originality, 20 years on and they are still on top of their game bringing luxury denim to the streets. As every new season comes and goes G-Star always leave a classic trail of untreated, raw, 3D, Arc styled denims, It is hard to think of a season where G-Star didn’t make big waves in the denim market. We all know that G-Star are famous for their denim blends but they have a few more strings to their bow, well tailored beautifully design clothing. G-Star’s denim craftsmanship is

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G-Star Spring / Summer 2011

G-Star have been pioneering the Denim industry for a near 20 years, each and every season G-Star develop a new wash or an instant classic cut. The originators of ‘ luxury denim for the streets’ concentrate on craftsmanship with an innovative design ethic that keeps them a few steps in front of the rest.
The spring summer 2011 collection has celebrated G-Stars 20 years in the game by upping the level of tailoring of each garment thus giving it the unique design that has birthed G-Stars individual style that so many have become familiar with.

G-Star Spring / Summer 2011

Boots for Autumn/Winter 2010

As I stepped foot out of the door today it looked as if the weather was on my side, sun shining and an Autumn breeze nothing too severe so I was happy with my choice of trainers. By lunch time however things had taken a decline the rain was coming in from all angles and now my trainers were soaked, I am going to have to deal with this for the rest of the afternoon. I suggest that you all can learn from my mistake and check out our finest selection of Autumn/Winter boots.

Autumn/Winter Jackets and Hats

Since last week the weather has dropped a precious 6 degrees or so, this has forced us to grab for our hats and jackets. Lucky for you Dogfish has got your back covered, bringing you some fantastic brands.

It is our first season with Lavenham they produce some of the finest quilted jackets on the market, 4TN are also on top of their game blending slick clean cut designs with the classic wax jacket. We also have a wide selection of finely produced winter jackets from a range of brands such as G-Star,Obey,Diesel,Fred Perry, Baracuta and Carhartt just to name a

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G-Star Autumn/Winter 2010

G-Star are known for breaking down boundaries and have never been afraid to be different.This season captures those ethics as they present an extensive array of denim and denim-complementary garments that allows you to create a unique personal wardrobe. Creating a collection that the hardcore street-wear fans will love but still represents the tailored sophistication that we have come to expect.

To view our hand picked A/W G-Star collection just click the image below.

A Dogfish Update

It has been a little while since our last blog and that is because we have been crazy busy here at Dogfish, so here is a little bit of an update.

On Thursday we hada big Nudie Jeans party and had two big bands play, the local English telling and the up and coming Pulled Apart By Horses. It was an amazing night and thank you to every one that came and made it such a good night!

To find out more about the night click check the bbc website news report

We have also started to receive new stock, last

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All G-Star and One True Saxon Sale Items are Now HALF PRICE INSTORE!!

G-Star Spring/Summer 2010 – First Drop

Dogfish has just received it’s very first drop of G-Star for the year, what a start to the year for G-Star we have some beautifully crafted premium garments. G-Star have obviously been very hard at work, this season is unique and as usual ultra cool. G-Star’s staple silhouette for this season is low cut highly tapered jean and chino which will run through out there drops that we will be receiving in the up coming moths. Also featured in G-Star’s selection of quality denim is the Radar Super Slim Aston which is the slimmest cut on offer this season. G-Star also have a unique range of T-Shirts,

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G-Star Arc Pant

The G-Star Arc Pant is certainly not your average pair of jeans. WIth twisted seams that bend and bow the leg shape and super low crotch, these jeans are a great alternative if you’re not into simple, straightforward designs. Despite the unusual sounding design, these jeans really do fit and look great. Coming in both a raw and worn wash, this is a pair of jeans that are definitely worth checking out.

Click on here to check it out