Picture of the Day

Banksy targets child labour issues outside Poundland, Whymark Ave, London on the anniversary of the Royal Jubilee.

Banksy ‘Tap Phoned’

The News of the World phone tap scandal has been everywhere over the past few months, translating season 5 of the Wire into real life. It would be hard to let such a moment of British media history slip by with out some sort of ironic humorous remark from Bristol’s most famous street artist. Many Banksy fans and street art fans are regarding this piece as lazy and unintelligent, but moments like this is where Banksy thrives I am sure it’s all fuel for his fire.

Who is Banksy?

This video let’s you see the man himself…

Simpsons X Banksy

We’re all big fans of the Graffiti artist Banksy and his latest work is creating the opening scene of the an episode of the Simpsons.

He takes us behind the scenes to see how the Simpsons cartoon is made and throws a couple of tags in there as well.


Banksy at Glastonbury

While I was at Glastonbury last week cooking lots and lots of falafel it appears that Banksy was spraying up the perimeter fencing with his twist on “Peace and Love”.

The Banksy Tour

Banksy has arrived in New York and as usual has left his mark, this time reflecting on the state of the economic environment and the bankers scandal at the moment. Either that or he’s just having a laugh, you can make your own mind up.

This one was also spotted a few streets away. who know where he’ll pop up next.

Banksy News

We’ve posted blogs about Banksy and his work as he’s been traveling the U.S.A. promoting his film, Exit Through Gift Shop, and it seems he has arrived in Toronto as a few of his stecils have been spotted.

Banksy Strikes Again

Banksy has hit the streets of America again, and has now moved on from L.A. to San Francisco. Using his tried and tested stencils to convey messages and to provoke emotions.

Banksy Hits L.A.

Everybody’s favourite graffiti artist is in L.A. for the premier of his film, Exit Through Gift Shop, and has made the most of his time there by doing what Banksy does best.

Banksy Film: Exit Through The Gift Shop – Trailer

Banksy is set to debut his first film this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival, the film is being billed as “the worlds first street art disaster movie”.  Apparently we will hear  the infamous Banksy speak for the first time on camera, Shepard Fairey will aslo feature in the film which is due for a UK release on the 5th of March.