OBEY Autumn Winter 2012

I imagine when Shepard Fairey birthed the idea of plastering Andre the Giant’s face all over Rhode Island, he never once thought of the impact it would go on to have. The street-wear scene has seen a massive resurgence in the last 3 years or so and OBEY have spearheaded the movement with their iconic branding. This season it looks as though OBEY have decided to take a more tailored look that features a lot of shirting and knitwear.

We will have a wide selection of stock from the autumn winter 2012 collection already so why not pop by your local Dogfish store.

Carhartt Autumn Winter 2011 - Lookbook

We have seen many a brand come and go through out the years that our doors have been open, but Carhartt have been a main stay for the majority. The reason for this being is that Carhartt know what they do and do it very well, taking their workman ethic and translating it into contemporary fashion for the everyday man. Every member of staff at Dogfish has a heavy amount of Carhartt in their wardrobe, it is and always will be a staple for any mans wardrobe.

We are currently taking stock of the Carhartt autumn winter 2011 collection expect many items to be online soon, if you can’t wait then feel free to pop by any one of our stores.

Bjorn Borg Spring Summer 2011

Bjorn Borg are instantly recognisable by their loud bright unique designs, you certainly have to be a brave man to bear these underneath your slacks. One thing is for certain she might in for a bit of a surprise once you get her home, the brightness of these pants could light up a room. Click the image for the link to the rest of the collection if your brave enough…


We hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and are gearing up for a massive New Year?!

Here at Dogfish we believe that it’s nice to see in the New Year in some fresh threads and start as you mean to go on, so we have made major reductions instore and online. Why not have a browse through all of our sale gear and see if you can find yourself a bargain or two for your New Years do…


We know you boys sometimes struggle with getting us ladies in your lives that somthing special at Christmas time, so here are a few ideas from us Cats to help you get started whatever your wallet limit…this is my Christmas list, Dogfish boys get your paper and pens out..

Christmas would not be Chistmas without getting at least one pair of pants, so make sure they are a good pair,these Honeydew beauties are top of my list…
Honeydew frilly knickers
Another slightly cheaper option to save you boys some cash would be one of our many ranges or tshirts, I have got my eye on this Diesel one, which comes in at a respectable thirty five pounds…
Diesel Tavzo shirt
Watches are the new jewellery when it comes to a token of love this Christmas, you can his and hers it with our slightly smaller Toywatches in a full range of colours, either the classic white or this bright pink would be nice please.
Toywatch pink
If you want to really splash the cash (I have been very good this year Santa), then the most extravagant preent on my list is the GStar Raw Baseball jacket, complete with leather sleeves and its heavy weight, it would not just be a fashionable buy, but also a practical one, keeping me toasty (and very very happy)…
GStar PT Baseball Jacket
Failing that I would just settle for a Vivienne Westwood bag with my kiss under the mistletoe…Happy Christmas everyone, love the Cats.x.x.x.

Carhartt Autumn/Winter 2010

The Winter is when Carhartt come into their true element. Carhartt are the masters at crafting that heavy duty canvas jacket that won’t let the wind through. The Carhartt craftsmen developed their skills for the Detroit steel workers where the temperatures can plummet to a ghastly -29°c; so these guys really know what their doing.

This season we have a whole range of heavy duty outer-wear, well tailored shirts, collaboration artist t-shirts, the infamous Sid Pant plus a whole load more.

Diesel Autumn/Winter 2010

Diesel are a brand like no other, each and every season is unmatchable for quality and style. The Italian denim giants come with a selection of denim to suit all whether your looking for a smart dark denim of a washed comfortable fit for the weekend Diesel have got you covered.
Diesel have a wide range of well tailored shirts and tees plus some heavy duty stylish winter jackets.

G-Star Autumn/Winter 2010

G-Star are known for breaking down boundaries and have never been afraid to be different.This season captures those ethics as they present an extensive array of denim and denim-complementary garments that allows you to create a unique personal wardrobe. Creating a collection that the hardcore street-wear fans will love but still represents the tailored sophistication that we have come to expect.

To view our hand picked A/W G-Star collection just click the image below.

Christmas Gift Suggestion - Bjorn Borg for Him

It’s coming up to Christmas and if your festive day is anything like ours here at Dogfish, you know you’re going to get some new underwear in your stocking! Get ahead of the game and point your loving relatives in the direction of some Bjorn Borg boxers and socks so everyone stays happy on December 25th!

P.S. In particular, take a closer look at the G1 shorts in Black which allow you, in Bjorn Borg’s own words, to “pimp your underwear”!

Bjorn Borg Underwear